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Choosing the right fire sprinkler system
Making sure you get the right sprinkler system for your commercial or industrial property is part of the comprehensive service we provide at Fire Control Services. Learn more about the different types of systems, installation, maintenance and your compliance obligations.
Why a good Fire Service Agreement is so important
As a property owner or manager, protecting your assets and people is naturally a top priority. An uncontrolled fire can cause massive damage to property and put people’s lives at risk. A properly installed and maintained fire safety system is essential to keep your employees and property safe from fire damage and give you peace of mind.
Fire Extinguishers and Fire Hose Reels
Known in the industry as 'Portable Fire Fighting Equipment', these are required to be tested annually only, but if your property is a high risk and usage of fire extinguishers is high, a more frequent test and tag system should be adopted.
Fire Alarm Types
This article provides a basic description of fire alarm systems, so you know what you have or what you may be getting yourself into. If you have an existing fire alarm installed you need to know what type it is. Most alarms require monthly testing by IPQs (Independent Qualified Person), although some only need three monthly testing.
What Are Emergency / Exit Lights?
If you have emergency lights in your building, then they need to be tested by an IQP (Independent Qualified Person). The frequency of those tests is quantified further in this article. We can help you with this as we are IQPs.
BWOF And How We Can Help You!
Any building with fixed features may require a Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF). The responsibility for the annual issuing of the BWOF is the building owner, not the tenant, so don’t leave it to them. This article summarises your compliance obligations.