Analogue Detectors

We have a number of analogue smoke detectors to choose from.

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1251 Ionization detectors incorporate a unique single source, dual chamber design to respond quickly and dependably to a broad range of fires.

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2251 Photoelectric detectors unique optical sensing chamber is engineered to sense smoke produced by a wide range of combustion sources.

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2251CTLE Photo, Thermal, CO & IR Multi-criteria

2251CTLE is a detector that uses software algorithms to combine Carbon Monoxide, Photoelectric, Thermal and Infra-red sensing elements with addressable-analogue communications giving reliable fire detection whilst allowing the detector to reject many common causes of nuisance alarm.

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2251TMB Acclimate is a Photoelectric smoke detector with a supplementary 57° C Thermal. It uses advanced on board software to combined the signals from the photo and thermal elements.

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5251B intelligent Thermal Detector with a fixed temperature of 57° C . It uses a state-of-the-art single thermistor sensing circuit to provide early warning of developing fires.

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5251RB intelligent Rate of Rise Thermal Detector. It uses a state-of-the-art single thermistor sensing circuit to provide early warning of developing fires.

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7251 Pinnacle is an intelligent, Laser-based Photoelectric smoke detector featuring extensive on board signal processing capabilities designed to improve smoke responce.

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Pertronic Industries' Remote LED Indicator Unit is a remote annunciator designed and manufactured by Pertronic Industries for use on System Sensor Conventional (Series 100 and 300) and Analogue (Series 200) Detectors as well as Pertronic Remote LED Indicating Heat Detectors.

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B524IEFT-1 Isolator Base that is designed for use with all System Sensor 200 and 500 series analogue addressable detectors. It prevents an entire communications loop from being disabled when a short circuit occurs.

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The B501 is a plug in Detector Base intended for use in an intelligent system with screw terminals provided for power (+) and (?), and remote annunciator connections. The communication takes place over the power (+) and (?) lines.

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The B501 The B524HTR heater base incorporates a number of heater resistors, driven from a separate supply designed to provide an element of heating to the detector to reduce condensation in very cold applications.

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